JavaOne Celebrities

JavaOne Celebrities

Hello from San Francisco!

The JavaOne conference went very well indeed. Sonatype managed to meet with all those we had planned and as a bonus we all got a day pass into the pavillion. There was a lot of crazyness there including Java powered robots and submarines but the rest was rather as expected. I got given a cool tshirt from one of the stands that reads “Phuck 0xFF, I’m coding” tee hee.

A complete shock was when Kenney, Eirik and I were shown on the front page of the JavaOne Today paper (Thursday edition) how cool is that? 🙂 Picture here is approximately the same.

More excititing things to come in our SanFran trip I’m sure, today we are working with some other developers (Brett, Carlos and Edwin) so that should be fun.


Better Builds with "Maven: The Definitive Guide"


Thats right, there is a new guide out there to help all those interested in Maven (or already using it) to get the most out of their build lifecycle. It is indeed the definitive guide and will be regularly updated so it stays that way. This book is produced by my colleges at Sonatype and is a free gift to the Maven community – no registration, no catches. From the front of our site:

Maven: The Definitive Guide

We have produced a free Maven guide for users that is updated and released on a weekly basis.

We are working with the founder of the Maven project, and core Maven committers to produce an unrivaled technical resource for Maven users.



OK, so anyone who tried may have noticed that java behaves a tad
peculiarly in e17. We assumed this was because there was a bug in out
(still very young) code. However, after quite a bit of debugging it
seemed not. Now, me being “blessed” with Java experience was assigned
to find the issue and… 3 days later having gone through some nasty
low level (in the VM, not the loaded classes) and about 10 custom
virtual machines I found the problem – Java detects what WM you are
running, rather retarded no? But worse – the Enlightenment detection is
done in a way that only works in e16, never in e17. So for now we have
to pretend that we are a different WM – then Java works fine 😦 Still,
I got awarded: HandyAndE gets a gold start for enduring
the pain of scouring java’s src to figure out why java suddeny just
behaves differently under e17